Why should I start saving for my retirement?

Why should I start saving for my retirement?

Thinking about the future will offer you and your family peace of mind in the face of unexpected events, emergencies, or when you want to start new projects. The equation is quite simple in terms of saving: Economic security equals tranquility. The natural consequence will be a greater sense of well-being. Savings allow us to access that economic security that guarantees us to meet our goals, face an emergency or that in our retirement years we have capital that allows us to maintain our lifestyle. Saving is, in short, securing our future. In fact, we spend all day organizing events that last a few hours, such as our birthday party, but we spend very little time planning our retirement. If you have plans for your future, we share with you two reasons why you should start saving today:

If you start early, your monthly savings may be lower: are you younger than 55? You do not have to wait until the years before your retirement to save for your future. For example, your incorporation into the labor market may be a good time to start. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be for you to get the capital you need, and the smaller the financial contribution you make every month.

It supposes a complement to your pension: in very few occasions our public pension will be similar to the money that we gain during our labor stage. This happens because of the calculation of the public pension, which is based on what is quoted, and therefore will always be less than our salary. If you start saving now, you can maintain your current standard of living or even improve it.

Make your money profitable: Multiply our money The most viable way to increase our income is through savings because this gives us the possibility of making it profitable either through a savings account of a banking product or through its investment through different platforms that offer the market as the stock market, fund mutual, among others.

Where do I begin?

The first step is to have an idea about what your future retirement pension will be and the level of life you want in the future. However, you have to keep in mind that until the moment of your retirement you will not know exactly what the pension will be. So that you can calculate it in an easy way, we have created the retirement simulator, which identifies your needs based on your current income.