How to stay active after retirement?

How to stay active after retirement?

One is that the individual who has worked for many years is getting used to his new social role. If before he had the routine of going out to work every day and sustaining the home, now, he is “useless” to the job market.

Keep your body healthy and your mind healthy:

You’ve worked your life almost all along and can not wait to slow down, right? Nothing more just! But that does not mean spending all day at home, sitting in front of the tv or sleeping.

Remember that your body was accustomed to moving, so going from one end to the other can harm your health and still make you appear to be an age well above what you actually have. In addition to the health benefits, exercising helps to keep a healthy mind and, consequently, increases your focus to develop new projects. Any physical activity that you enter in your daily life, coupled with a good diet and a few hours of sleep, will bring the same benefits. For information on medicare advantage plans 2020 you can visit and obtain the facts best for you.

An important tip: Before you start exercising, seek a physical education professional or an orthopaedic doctor for more information. They will help you choose the activity most suited to your needs.


When we spoke the word “Yoga”, it probably came to your mind the image of a super young and thin person touching his feet on the head. But do not be discouraged by the stereotype! Yoga has no age limitations, and just like any other exercise, practice is critical to achieving good results. Although not exactly a sporting modality this is an excellent choice for those who want to master their own body and work flexibility.


Walking is one of the most democratic exercises. Just 15 minutes of practice every day to see the health benefits. If you do not feel comfortable going out just to exercise, you can go visit a friend, get to know a tourist spot near your house, take a walk with the dog or any other appointment that requires you to walk.


Swimming is the most recommended sport if you also intend to have an athletic body. It can be practised in the pool of your building, home or club, but we warn you that taking part in collective classes can bring more benefits as it encourages socialization with people of the same age and who can share the same problems as you.