Federal Incentives In Favor Of Medicare Beneficiaries

A combination of private competition and federal incentives allows private plans to offer health plans that provide quality medical care and save money for Medicare beneficiaries. Networks, once considered restrictive, actually ensure that doctors understand and accept the system so that it works more smoothly. These plans usually include Medicare’s Part D or prescription drug […]

Exit Strategy: Your Retirement Plan

Exit Strategy: Your Retirement Plan A survey by the Freelance Union has it that about 60 million Americans, i.e. 36 percent of the work force, became freelancers in 2017. Freelancers do not receive employer-sponsored benefits except they become employers themselves and hire workers in full-time thereby making employees and employers qualify for sponsored rewards. Otherwise, […]

Social Security, Public Health and Disability.

Social Security, Public Health and Disability. If you have already started accepting social security benefits for disability insurance coverage, this is the time to consider enrolling in the Medicare plan. In most instances, if you get disability benefits, you will be entitled to Medicare for two full years after your benefits start. In some cases, […]