Bus Travel for Seniors: Travel Conveniently with Care

Bus Travel for Seniors: Travel Conveniently with Care

Senior citizen bus travel is becoming increasingly popular, as many older people do not just want to retire in their own home. In the event that the health no longer plays along completely, there are also offers with care by medically trained professionals.

Bus tours for seniors: many offers:

The travel market for seniors is growing, as many older people nowadays not only have the time but also the money to travel extensively. Many seniors want to see the world in retirement again and choose exotic destinations. On the other hand, those who do not feel like a tropical climate and long air travel often opt for a bus trip to a closer destination such as the North Sea, the Baltic Sea or even the Alpine region. Health restrictions do not have to mean the end of the travel plans. Today more and more travel providers are getting involved with the older clientele by offering care and medical care.

Advice and support during the journey:

Senior citizens’ travel must meet special conditions in terms of comfort especially in the case of health restrictions. These include barrier-free buses with comfortable seats so that seniors who are sitting in a wheelchair or rely on a rollator can travel with them. In warm temperatures, air conditioning is important.

Check offers carefully:

There are many providers advertise bus trips for seniors. Here it is important to look carefully at the booking and filter out high quality and serious offers. Caution is especially recommended for very cheap deals. A medical device such as a defibrillator should be on the bus. The hotels, where the travelers are accommodated, should be barrier-free and senior-friendly. An important role also plays the equipment of the bus. Plenty of comforts usually offer buses that are certified with 3 to 5 stars. From three stars, the buses must also be equipped with a toilet.


Take out travel cancellation insurance. If you are ill and cannot travel, you will get your money back. What if you get sick on vacation? In many foreign countries, one is insured over his legal health insurance, a possibly necessary return transport one must insure however over a foreign health insurance itself. Some travel deals include medical service special trips for diabetics. Medical escorts have advantages especially for the elderly. Important: Inform yourself beforehand which services are included and what kind of doctor is involved. Some organizers, for example, pay attention to the fact that the accompanying physicians have further training as a travel doctor.